1st April 2017

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design – is a wonderful web design tool as far as off the shelf packages go, it is amongst the best. In fact, we have been strongly adverse to of-the-shelf packages over the years, for many reasons including;

  • search engine optimisation
  • security reasons
  • Support and customisation
  • not to mention the limitations of such web design packages,

…and this is why we built our career and reputation on hand coded web development. BUT: We have over the years changed our opinion slightly when it comes to packages like WordPress.

Google has also come to like WordPress. A WordPress web design can rank very highly with Google. It has changed the face of off-the-shelf web design packages, though years since its release it still remains unchallenged as the leading off-the-shelf web design tool.

Custom WordPress Web Design from £199

As we are fully fledged web developers in PHP and MySQL (which is exactly what WordPress is written in) we can customise your WordPress Web Design very easily. We can tweak the code behind the scenes to ensure your WordPress web design is as unique as possible. We can tweak your WordPress Web design so it can perform any functions you would like.

So, WordPress can be a very viable option as a web design package for getting online with minimal costs. In fact we now offer WordPress web design package, with free hosting and domain name for the first year for just £199. Contact us Now.

There are limitations and rules though as we’ll discuss now…

WordPress Web Design from £199

WordPress, when installed correctly, is great! however, this is only true without using non-standard plugins. As it is an off-the-shelf web design package, it can be very vulnerable to attacks and hacks. Firstly, you need to ensure it is a clean installation, by someone who knows what they are doing. You must ensure that “commenting” on your pages and posts is turned off (as people visiting your new and professional web design so not want to see comments offering Viagra!). You must ensure that only genuine and trusted plugins are used, as these can greatly increase WordPress’s vulnerability. Read our Word Press Web Design Pros and Cons

We offer WordPress web designs from just £199 which includes set-up and install, hosting and a domain name [.co.uk or .uk] free for the first year, then charged at £14.99 pa per UK domain name and £49.99 pa for unlimited hosting.