31st March 2017

Website Redesign

Website ReDesign…
Why Opt for a Website ReDesign? – This service is ideal for all businesses who already have a website. Is your website is getting a little old and out of date.

A website redesign is also ideal for a company that has recently had changes in ownership or has changed elements of its products and services over a period of time. Maybe you feel your companies website is not representing you in the way it should. It’s design could be a lot more pleasing to the eye and convey a more professional feel. It could be that your website is not performing as well as it could with the search engines. A website re-design can dramatically improve almost any websites’ performance with the search engines.

Would Your Company Benefit from having a Website ReDesign?

The internet moves fast. Any design that was fashionable 18 months ago can now look outdated. Some redesigns are sometimes simply because the owner wants something more modern. If your website is more than 18 months old, you can be sure some information will be out of date. A redesign will also add to the professional profile of your business. A redesign will keep your website up to date and relevant.  An outdated website can turn potential customers away.

A website redesign also can raise your websites rankings on Google. From a search engine optimisation point of view, what Google likes 18 months ago may not be what it likes today. Google changes its algorhythms regularly. You also may wish take advantage of the technological advances of today by converting their website to a database driven one, so you can update the website yourself with ease using a Content Management System.

Website ReDesign Prices

Prices for website redesign are usually cheaper than a new web design. As the content required for the new design is already present, along with your logo and possibly a few images. You will need to contact us for pricing.

Requirements for Website ReDesign

If you wish your new redesigned website to reside on your current domain name and hosting, we will need access to your hosting account. This includes access to your hosting control panel so we can get FTP information to upload your new website to your server. If you do not wish to keep your current hosting, we will need access to your domain name. Changes will be made to your domain name so it can point to our hosting (which is free for the first year, then £49.99pa).

We do not need anything from you regarding content to begin the redesign of your website. Your existing text content will be used. You can also inform us of any changes you may wish to make to your current layout, in terms of pages and structure.

We will then being the design of your new website. Any further amends you may wish to make to the existing content you will be able to do so via your Content Management System.

How to Get Your Website ReDesigned

Contact Us with your current website address. We can then give you an accurate quote regarding the price for the redesign of your site. If you do not currently have the details to access your website these can be obtained by contacting the company with whom your Domain Name and Hosting were originally booked. If you a unaware of these feel free to Contact Us, we can help you obtain this information