Good Website Design Guide

Good Website Design. You will find a wealth of information here relating to all aspects of good website design and how to design a good website.

If you decide to design your website yourself, you should find this free information about good web design very helpful. Good Web Design is a necessity for any website. If the design of website is good, then it will be a true success. If you have a website that doesn’t seem to be doing very well, these hints and tips pages may help you find the reason why.

All of the websites created by our Nottingham Web Design Company Media Design Studio Ltd  follows all of these rules to make sure that every site we create is of a high standard and worthwhile. Getting you the very best value for your money and the very best from the Internet. If you would like to know more, or cover a subject that is not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help.

As you will see from all of the information on these pages about good web design – that it is vitally important to hire professionals. Poorly designed websites with a design that does not suit your needs will reflect badly on your business. A bad website is worse than having no website at all.

Even if the design of the website looks presentable and appealing to the eye, you always need to question the following…

  • Does it guide the user?
  • Is it clear and easy to use?
  • How quickly does the website download?
  • Does it have correct image handling?
  • Is it optimized for the search engines?
  • Is the website responsive [Mobile friendly]
  • Is the page content of a decent quality?
  • Does it present your products and services in the most appealing and professional way that will generate a response from potential customers

All of the above are very specialized skill. They are things we specialize in. Good Website design is what we do best

Good Website Design?

Ok, so what makes a good website design? A very good question. This page will hopefully answer that very question for you. Many of the best websites on the Internet have been created by good Web Design Companies. Some, however, have not.

The best websites out there are good because they are full of useful information. They help people in some way. Even if it is just offering stacks of useful information, offering something for free is always a good bet. Many people who do have a go at creating their website themselves can quite rightly do a very good job, but (there’s always a “but”) they sometimes do not have the time to study all the aspects relating to good web design. There is a large amount to learn, such as;

  • How to create a search engine optimised website.
  • You would need to know about search engine algorithms and spiders (not the eight-legged hairy kind).
  • How to make the site look good in all screen resolutions to ensure your website is responsive; as Google now takes this very seriously.
  • You would need to know about optimizing the website for file sizes and for the search engines.
  • You would also need to know about FTP and that your main page page MUST be called “index” or “default”.

Ultimately, these are the reasons why many people prefer to employ the services of a good Web Designer who will do all this for them. Then they will then own a professional website specially designed for them and or the purpose it is to be used for. One that will abide by all the rules of the web.

What Defines a Good Website

For some, a good website is fancy website designs, with moving graphics and intricate images. For others, the content is the most important thing. A good informative website full of useful information is what they are looking for. So how do you choose which kind of website design is for you. Both maybe. The style, design and content of your website is a very important factor of good a web design. All search engines love simplistic sites [meaning easy to read code behind the scenes], with good clear copy that is 100% relevant and more importantly holds a lot of relevant information. Lets see why…

If you are looking to purchase a used car, you would put a search in Google (for example) for a website selling used cars, would you:

  • A: Like your results to show a site that offer 3 models, a pretty image down the side, a price list and phone number.
  • B: Like to visit a site that holds plenty of makes and models. A website with large downloadable photos available. Including descriptions of each car, some editorial content on each particular make of vehicle. With maybe a few reviews so you can read what other people think about it. Furthermore, a bit about the company themselves, so you know their second name is not “Delboy”. Even a little about the history of that mark and the company that makes them.

Just using the example given above, it is plain which website anyone would prefer to visit (I hope you agree on B) and will have people returning to your site time and time again, instead of clicking away and your site being once again lost in the bowels of the big WWW. However, for some reason unknown to us, many people and web designers fail to recognise this and charge people large amounts of money for designing websites that can often be a waste of time.

You are looking at a proven example – on our website, you will see no fancy images, no intricate designs. It is full of good information related to web design. Because I want my site to appear on the search engines, mainly Google within the first 2 pages of results for a Nottingham Web Design search. You may only even be on this website because you put a search on Google for “website design nottingham” and there our site was.

The amount of the related information you can put in your website is endless. It just requires a little thought and it will play a huge part on whether people will choose to spend their money with you, or move on the next website in the list. It will also show that you know your stuff!

Creating your Website

Picture your website…now think of all the different aspects related to your business. Think of how you got to where you are today. Think of the knowledge and experience you have and have needed to operate your kind of service.

Next……………. think of each service or product that you offer in detail. State clearly why people should choose and have previously chosen to do business with you. Write down why you are different from your competitors and what makes you stand out.

Make bullet points of the things that you offer, that your competitors do not. You may be better value for money, or offer a better quality service, or have a quicker turn-around. List all the good elements that directly relate to your company which people may not know about or understand. Finally, think of all the ways your potential customers can get in contact with you.

You will now have all the information needed to create an effective, good quality website. One that will have visitors and customers happy to do business with you. You will have a good website content.

These rules are the very elements explaining why the search engines rank our website within the first few pages (if not the first page) for highly targeted key-phrase such as “Web Design Nottingham“, ” Web Design“. Google believes our website to be amongst the most informative, useful and worthy websites relating to website design out of the millions that are out there. Therefore they offer it for you to browse. After all, if you always find the exact information you are looking for, you will use Google repeatedly.

We can do it for you

If you do feel you would like to have a website, then contact us. We will be able to create a good quality website that will work for you.

Web design is not for the faint hearted if it is to work for you. A lot of people know a bit about web design and feel they are able to create their site themselves. But they may not know all of the technical aspects that go along with designing a good website. Like its compatibility in all the browsers and screen resolutions, making the website responsive. They may not know about file size or how to effectively optimise your website. We have a lot of people asking why their website has low rankings with the search engines. The usual answer is that the site has been put together by someone who does not specialise in the subject.

Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design is not expensive. It can save you time and money. A Professional web design will be making you money and serve you in the way it should. There is nothing worse than visiting a site that does not align properly in your browser. A website that has the dreaded side-scroll and looks out-dated which takes ages to download. Such a site just comes across as totally unprofessional – would you spend your cash with such a site?

Our web design prices are very competitive. As part of our web design service we offer a full web design (4 whole pages) for £390 including hosting and domain name for a year. Divide that amount by the 365 days a year in which your website will be online, then further divide the amount by the UK’s population who can visit your website. You cannot get better value for money. Make 2 or 3 sales (depending on what you trade in) and your website has paid for itself. Contact Us for more information

It is our aim that by you reading this section of our website you will have found lot of information that has  hopefully improved your knowledge on websites and web design. If there is any further information about websites or web design you feel is not covered in this site, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. We hope that from our site, you will have all the information you need to decide whether a website is for you and hopefully given you the confidence to decide that you wish your company to have a good website designed by a web design company like ourselves.