31st March 2017

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission and submitting your website to all the recommended directories can be a tricky and a time consuming process. There are also a few myths surrounding search engine submission and how to submit your website to them.

We personally recommend manually submitting websites. There are many websites out there on the big www. that offer automated submission and multiple submission. This is not recommended. These websites do not do it or free. We suspect they will use the data you give them for financial gain. Most of the search engines simply require your url and email address. Soem directories will some require you to find your relevant category. The time this takes is well worth it.

Be sure your website has undergone some form of search engine optimization before you submit your site. This will help to ensure your website will appear on any searches people may conduct.

The myths and truths surrounding search engine submission, the myths can sometimes be rather convincing to those who do not specialize in the subject.

Fact Or Fiction 1: I Need To Submit Every Page Of My Website
FICTION: Search engines will visit your website after you have submitted your root domain (i.e www.yourdomain.co.uk) From that single submission, your index page will be displayed to the spider. It can then automatically follow ALL of the links to your other pages. This is why it is very important to have links on your index page to all of your other pages. This will allow the spiders to effective scan your whole website. If you do not have links to your other pages from your index or home page, then do feel free to submit the orphan pages separately

Fact Or Fiction 3: I Will Be Struck Off The Databases For Over Submitting
FICTION: Google, Yahoo etc will not strike you off their databases for over submitting your website. There are rules though. We do not recommend submitting your website more than once a day. If you repeatedly submit your website, poor google has its back-log, already containing millions of websites, growing due to your multiple submitting, it will just take even longer for websites to be included in its index. We recommend you re-submit your website every 2 – 3 months or so, just to ensure you do not get lost or accidentally dropped off its databases.

Fact Or Fiction 3: The Links On My Website Will Effect The Ability To Find All My Pages…
FACT: The types of links you have linking your pages together DOES effect how the search engines will crawl through your website. If you have Drop-Down menus or fancy graphical link navigation, then the spiders may struggle to find all your pages and follow all your links. The best links to have on your website are TEXT LINKS. These are links on your page that are words. These are plain and easy to read and follow by the spiders which will enable them to find every single one of your pages. All you will ever see on our website are text links.

Fact Or Fiction 4: My Website is On The Search Engines Though I Have Never Submitted My Url….
FACT: This is possible. If you have other websites linking to you, when the search engines visit them, as I mentioned before, it will follow all of the links on their site including the link to your website,

Fact Or Fiction 4: I Have Submitted My Website Weeks Ago And it’s Still Not Appearing
FACT: Just because you have submitted your website does not guarantee in any way shape or form that the search engines will index your website. There are a few reasons for this. One reason could be they have not visited you yet, therefore, they do not yet know your site exists, try giving it a few more weeks. Another reason may be that the search engines have visited your website, but for some reason has excluded itself from indexing it. Reasons for this could be keyword spamming, see our tutorial on search engine optimization for more information about this. The size of your websites pages and the file size of it can also have an effect. See the Website Design Tutorial for more info. Keyword spamming and otherwise called keyword stuffing can result in your website not being indexed at all or even struck off

Getting the search engines to index your website after submitting can be quite technical if problems arise but as a general rule, as long as your website contains good relevant information and is written for the visitors, as well as the search engines you should not encounter any problems at all. Do not forget that it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks before the search engines will visit your website after submission, so submit, them forget about it for a few weeks, then check if you are listed.

Do make sure your website contains good, relevant content, that every page is worthy of being there, try to get as many other related websites to link to you and provide useful information