2nd April 2017

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an absolute must. Google agrees!

Now days, Responsive Web Design is a must. A large portion of internet users are doing so using non-desktop devices. These range from laptops, to tablets and mobile phones. If a website may look great on a desktop PC, but what about on the latest mobile device or ipad? It is vitally important that the website detects the screen size of the user and scales the website down to suit. This is called Responsive Web Design.

If Responsive Web Design is not taken into consideration, the end result on your visitors screen could be just short of disaster…

  1. There could be side scroll.
  2. Images may not fit on screen.
  3. Some images may too small once reduced on screen.
  4. Any text will be too small to read.
  5. Clickable elements [menu items] could be too close together.
  6. The page may be so heavy that it takes an age to download.

Google has recently (at time of writing) began to downgrade websites that are not responsive. Google is now taking preference of Responsive web design in response to the problems mentioned above. This means if your website is not responsive and mobile friendly, Google will down rank you. Your website will slowly start slipping down the search engine results, regardless of the efforts and funds you have put in to your search engine optimisation technniques. Your website being reposonsive is now vitally important. Don’t get left behind.

Additionally, without responsive web design, the visitors to your website will also be clicking away. The general web-surfing public expect a responsive web design. Anyone visitng your website from their sofa on their iPad – they do not want to have to squint to read your intro. Nor scroll to see your menu. Nor zoom to be able to click on a link. This would  be a very difficult website to use. Therefore your visitor will simply click away to your competitor.

Our Responsive Web Design

Every single website we develop is a responsive web design. Consequently, this will never be a worry for you. We ensure that all of our web designs are 100% suited to desktop and to all mobile devices. This is included in all of our web design prices.

Contact us now to ask if we can create a responsve and mobile friendly version of your website