1st April 2017

Pros & Cons of WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design – WordPress is brilliant! There’s a statement. Now I’ll justify it!

Pro’s of a WordPress Web Design

So, whats all the fuss about? Well, firstly, WordPress is easy to install. It is fully featured. WordPress has now been around for a fair few years. Upon release when it came to our attention, we suffered the old – “not another off the shelf package developed for people who can’t code”. For a while [a very short while] we were right. However, WordPress has been, and continues to be embraced by the web development community. Not to mention being embraced by the Big Man [Google] himself. Consequently, what we now have is a wonderful off-the-shelf web design package. One that is well worth some bandwidth.

WordPress is quick and simple to install. Most good hosting providers offer it as a one click install. It’s core development code is PHP and Mysql [what we specialise in] so the behind the scenes code can be customised. The code itself is easy to access. It can be altered by any fluent PHP and MySQL web developer. Additionally, it comes with lots of themes for you to chose from. It can also be a blog or a full website. WordPress is not your typical off the shelf web design package. The code behind the scenes is clean and is highly search engine optimised.

Finally, all of this means it is a viable choice, and a pretty decent off the shelf package for a web design.

Con’s of a WordPress Web Design

As mentioned, WordPress is an off-the-shelf web design package. This means anyone [including myself as a web developer] can download it. We can therefore pick through the code to find loop holes. We can find any code that may lack in security. Consequently, when found, these leave Wordpress itself vulnerable to hacks. Not to mentioned the pain of leaving comments open, as spammers love this!

Furthermore, regarding any loop holes and security risks; the WordPress developers are very professional. WordPress support is in abundance. Consequently, they are quick to correct and patch any vulnerabilities. Therefore an up to date installation of WordPress will not be vulnerable.

Additionally, issues also [and mainly] lay in the plugins. A lot of these are developed by third-party developers [meaning people not working for WordPress itself]. These can be big security risks. They have been the sole cause of many a WordPress website suffering a hack. Choose your Plugins carefully.

WordPress being an off the shelf package does mean it is also suffers. It suffers in limitations in its functionality. You can only have what it offers, or what an existing plugin offers. So if you are wanting something specific then WordPress may not be for you, and you may be better off having something written and designed for you by hand.