31st March 2017

Hand coded Vs Off-The-Shelf

Hand Coded Vs Off-The-Shelf Web Design

Firstly, we have many customers who have previously been sold an off-the-shelf package by another web design company. Customers who have experienced issues when either the off-the-shelf package is updated, the program is not flexible enough to support what their business now requires. Or, more concerning, their website has been hacked or has simply gone offline. This is a major issue.

In many cases, the website has to be redeveloped. This incurs greater costs and can be very frustrating. Whilst having an off-the-shelf package (in some cases) can seem a good and cheaper option, many do experience issues just a few months in.

Hand coded Vs Off-The-Shelf Web Design

All of our websites are hand-coded. We do not use any off-the-shelf packages [with the exception of WordPress] for the front end or for our Content Management Systems. Consquently, you can be sure it has been written correctly. Updates are quick and easy. You can also be sure that because it is hand-written, there is not masses of code for Google to trawl through before finding your actual content. Finally, a hand coded Website will have a better performance as it will be search engine optimised.

Off-The-Shelf Web Design: The Problems and Risks

There are many types of off-the-shelf web design packages out there, many available to download for free to plug in to any website, which to many sounds great – but the truth is:

  1. Complicated to use
  2. Code rendered behind the scenes can be messy and unnecessary
  3. Low in security.
  4. They can also be very limiting, meaning you can only have the features the package offers
  5. You can bet your Aunties Uncle there’ll be a site just like yours out there.
  6. Updates are risky and complicated
  7. Some do need a level of technical knowledge
  8. Some Web Design Companies sell you an Off-The-Shelf package without you knowing.
  9. Migrating your Data (so you have a backup) or if you wish to use another platform in future can be impossible
  10. Finally, there’s no one to turn to if it breaks (and trust us, this does happen!)

Without a single doubt, hand coded Web Design is the only way to go. Our 15 year old successful business is built on this fact!

Web Design – When is Off-The-Shelf OK

The only reason a person should choose an Off-The-Shelf package is if there is almost no budget or it is a hobby or a personal website.

In summary, we would always suggest waiting until you have the funds available. Remeber, a bad website is worse than no website at all. We advise you to spend the time raising funds or doing your research.