1st April 2017

eCommerce Web Design

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eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design is the facility for accepting online credit card transactions. Its as simple as that. However, creating an eCommerce Web Design isn’t so easy.

Firstly, an eCommerce web design must be database driven to allow for updates. An eCommerce web design has to be easy to use. It has to be secure when allowing the general public to enter their credit card details online.

Receiving credit and debuit cards payments online will cost. The cost varies greatly dependant on who you choose to handle the transaction for you. We do not recommend that cost should be your deciding factor. Ultimately, security should be your number one priority.


To begin, your first choice is who will handle the credit/debit card transaction. There are plenty of options available. All of which will be deciding factor the cost of your eCommerce web design. Some are quick and easy to integrate, others not so. The time it takes to integrate is what effects the cost of your eCommerce web design.

The first one to discuss is PayPal. Paypal is widely regarded as the safest payment gateway in the World. Consqeuently, this means should anything go wrong; its PayPal’s responsibility to sort it out. Ultimately, this will be major relief to many online merchants. At no point during a Paypal transaction do credit card details touch your server. Paypal’s server handles everything. Finally, it is also quick and easy for the end user because a large majority of the population already have Paypal accounts. This is also the quickest to integrate into your ecommerce web design.

Secondly, an Online Payment Gateway like Worldpay. This is slightly more expensive to integrate into a website. Online Payment Gateways are generally not as secure. They are not as secure as Paypal. This is due to credit card details being entered directly on your server. You have to ensure you use SSL (secure socket layer). You are not permitted in any circumstance to store entire credit card information.

Finally, a direct connection to your bank. This is, at time of writing, the most expensive way of accepting payments online. Many Banks do offer an integraton package for online merchants. These however, from experience, arent always great.

Off-The-Shelf eCommerce?

Firstly, you have the option of using an off-the-shelf package here. These are prebuilt systems available for download. Products are uploaded into it. Therefore, an off-the-shelf ecommerce package will be cheaper. Ultimately, there are plenty of very good off-the-shelf eCommerce packages available today if, however, you want something a little different, or want something unique then hand coded would be the way to go.

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