31st March 2017

Customer / Client Databases

We have long since been developing unique Customer / Client Databases and CRM systems that are totally unique to you. Many businesses have found these immensely useful in the running of their business and say they could not now operate without one.

Our Customer and Client Databases: 100% Hand Coded

They are: 100% Secure

Customer / Client Databases: 100% Built for you

 100% Unique Customer Databases

Customer or Client Databases

These personalised Hand-coded Customer Databases and Client Databases are built purely on your specifications [with added suggestions and ideas from us, of course]. As it is based on your specification it will perform in the way you want, and with our experienced input; in ways you may not even have thought of.

Many business will already be using some form of customer or client database. Many of which they will have downloaded and that they use on a daily basis. Some are free, some have to be paid for, but a lot of them will have plenty of issues.

Firstly, some issues being that widely available software does not always perform as they should. Secondly, they may have masses of features you never use therefore over complicating things. Additionally, they can be hard for new staff to get used to, or [and this is the killer] do not have the features your business needs. Finally, software can be impossible to have new features added and can be very limited in support.

A personalised and custom built customer database or client database fixes all of these issues in one go. It will streamline your business, reduce workload and your paperwork.

You will be able to perform a look up on your customers and clients simply by starting to type their name. Their record will appear on screen and within one click of the mouse you will be able to view the full customer details and view their entire history with your business.

Customer /  Client Databases are invaluable for any trade

Custom built databases are very useful for any business in any trade. And we mean any. Heres a few examples;

  1. Motorbike Shops: a record of customers, purchases and MoT renewal dates.
  2. Hair Dressers: keeping and updating customer records.
  3. Guest Houses and Hotels: a record of bookings and customers past, present and future.
  4. Accountants.
  5. Plumbers.
  6. Electricians.
  7. House Builders.
  8. Debt collection.
  9. …..you name it.

So what ever your trade, trust us, you need one, and you wont believe how you operated with out one. Contact us now to discuss yours!