31st March 2017

Custom Web Application

Custom Web Application

Firstly, any business can benefit from a custom web application.

We can develop and design your custom web application based on your specific requirements. That could be a simple Customer / Client Database, or a complex Case/Order Management system for your staff to access, either in house or on the road.

What is a Web Application

Custom web applications are a piece of software that has been specifically built.

Here in Nottingham, our Web Design Company have developed a number of custom web applications for our Web Design customers old an new. Custom web applications are hand coded from scratch.

Visually, a custom web application is designed to match the business’s corporate identity and the business’s website. It can have as many or as little features as you reuire.

Custom web applications are stored on a remote server therefore ruling out any problems should IT Issues be experienced. It will be safe in the event of a systems crash or in the case of any potential hard drive failures.

Additionally, it will reside on its own Domain Name allowing your application users to have their own Email Addresses to communicate effectively with each other.

Finally, you will be in full control over your application. You will be able to track all staff activity.

Do I Need a Web Application

Firstly, if you have customers, then you will benefit from a custom web application. Any business types like MOT and Service garages, Hair Salons, Legal Services would benefit. Using a custom web application will save you time and generate more income by streamlining and speeding up vital elements of your business.

Ultimately, it will be the sole place where you can keep accurate records for your business.

Some businesses have to keep records by law, like Hair Salons. Every other business does because its impossible not to. Many find it hard keeping track of customers, accounts and sales using paper based record which cost time and money. These paper based records can lack in effeciency. Paper based records take up space, consume considerable time to find and fill out. In addition, paper records can also be hard to navigate and misplaced.

Additionally, with a custom web application system, your staff can log in via a PC. They can log in via their laptops, iPhone’s and iPad’s to update that records. Your staff can also select a customer within a few clicks and view their entire history with your business.

Finally, a custom web application can also have automation features. If a business has customers that would benefit from annual/6 monthly/monthly/weekly communication with you, this si the solution. A custom web application system can detect specified time lapses and email the customer automatically to remind them their MoT, Service or that Hair Do’.

Custom Web Application: Prices

Pricing for custom web applications are dependent on individual features. Pricing is largely between £900 and £12,000, with the average being £1,200 to £3,000. All bookings require a 30% deposit. Simply Contact Us with your specifications.