31st March 2017

Custom Software Development

custom software development

Custom Software Development

We specialise in developing custom online software that can transform the day to day running of your business [in fact this is what we enjoy doing the most ;)].

You may currently have a piece of software in place, but commonly find that it is not quite what you want or need. That it doesn’t have the features you want. Your existing software may also have plenty of features that you don’t need. The solution? Our custom Software service…

Custom Software

Custom Software : 100% Hand Coded

A solution that is 100% Secure

Custom Software that 100% Personal

Custom software: 100% Future Proofed

This is what is what we do best.

For us to begin developing your new custom software, we simply need to know what you need it to do, and we do the rest. That’s it!

You simply need to tell us about what you do, and how you want your custom software to work. You could show us your current software so we have the basics of what you need, but vastly improving upon it with your own needs.

Many businesses these days rely on computers. This is a simple fact. Computers have transformed the day to running of many, if not all businesses. But there are issues to this, after all nothing can be perfect. Many businesses use software to streamline their day to day workload. This can be anything from customer databases, organising customer data digitally in one place as customer / client database, for generating invoices, or a booking management system, payment tracking system, for debt collection, account histories – the list is endless. Many businesses use off the shelf-software but are not totally happy with it. There is now no need!

Don’t use any software? – You Could be Missing out!

If you don’t use any kind of management software – then you could be losing time and money.

Here’s why custom software could help you.

Firstly, being able to look-up your customers digitally is extremely fast and convenient. You would simply start typing their name, and up they would pop on your screen. You would then be presented with all of their details, including contact information and their entire trading history with your business and any notes you or your staff may have made. Consequently, this can make you look very professional by being able to tell your calling customer what and when they ordered/purchased last time within seconds of answering the phone. Thus providing you with a time effective solution, furthermore increasing the perception of your customer service levels.

Additionally, if your business would benefit from weekly, monthly or even annual contact with your customer base, then this too can save you you masses of time [therefore money]. Scheduled contact with your customer base can all be automated. Should you need to collect payments on set dates, or need to raise invoices, send out emails, all of this too can be automated.

Problems with your Existing off-the-shelf Software?

Many businesses can find that although the software they use “does the job”, that it could be better. Way Better. Often thinking “if only it could…”, and “why doesn’t it do this…” whilst wanting to kick their PC. This is all too common. Business owners will always have things to say that would greatly improve their software. They have ideas and suggestions that would make their software easier for them to use or making it more suited to them. They want to add features that could save them time and money and vastly speed the whole process up. Who wouldn’t?

One major problem with off-the-shelf software is that it can be untrustworthy in terms of them actually working. We have experienced examples of where some of the important features have never actually worked correctly. The users have always had to find a work-around to the issues. Not to mention when trying to contact support this is a task within itself and often goes unheard. This can all be very frustrating when trying to run a business. And it should be the last thing on your mind. We have experienced this a few times, and have consequently developed a hand coded custom piece of software which is always a sigh of relief for the new owners.

Furthermore, another major issue is data loss should their PC cease to exist? as in truth no one backs up their data as often as they should. This could, has, and continues to spell disaster for many businesses.

The solution: Custom Software

We have developed many custom online software packages for companies up and down the country, and for many trades. Our Custom Software systems can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that the custom software can be accessed from home, on the road, and even on holiday. Custom software is stored remotely on a server, so should your PC go down, you know your data is safe (though you may just have to boot up the dusty old laptop in the corner to carry on)!

The options and ideas for custom software are limitless. 

Any and all data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets. This can be especially useful when compiling accounts, or wish to use the data elsewhere. Custom Graphs can be implemented so you can see at a glace how your business is performing. We can integrate Google Maps so you can see visually your customer base or locations of your staff.

Our customers have told us our customer software is like having two additional members of staff. Over the years it has transformed their day to day working life. To have their own piece of custom software at their fingertips be it at the office, on the road, at home or even on holiday feels to them like having two additional members staff that they don’t have to pay for, that’s the ease and the lighter-work-load feel it brings.

Custom Software is all About You!

Custom software is just that, custom. It will only contains ones that are used and needed. You can specify any changes to this as your needs grow and change. You will not be suffering with software that doesn’t suit you, or something that did not quite do the job in the first place.

As your new custom software is hand coded and custom built, you are in control of its features and functionally. If you suddenly need it to change, it can! If you need to add more functionality, you can. You will never have to shop around for another piece of software to handle your new requirements and worry about transferring all of your existing data over. Your data is completely safe and transferable.

Simply send us an email with your wants and needs, and don’t be shy about these!