31st March 2017

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are for Database Driven Websites. You can log in to your Content Management System (CMS) and you can update the content of the website yourself within a few clicks! As easy as that.

Content Management Systems: 100% Hand Coded

They are 100% Secure

Proudly 100% Easy to Use

Finally: 100% Future Proofed

Firstly, there are many types of Content management systems (CMS) out there. Many available to download for free. These are called “Off-The- Shelf systems“. They can plug in to any website, which to many sounds great – but the truth is,

  1. Many of these can be very complicated to use.
  2. The code they render behind the scenes can be very messy and unnecessary meaning Google struggles with the unnecessary code to get to your actual content.
  3. The Search Engine Optimisation also isn’t great (a clean and pure install of WordPress is excluded from this statement).
  4. They can be low in security, as anyone can download them, pick through the code to find security loopholes.
  5. Finally, they can be very limiting. You can only have the features the package offers, but when your site is 6 months old, and you want to add additional features, you can’t.

Our Content Management Systems (CMS)

Firstly, we are fully converse in the best scripting languages on the internet today, namely PHP and MySQL. We actually write your Content Management System line by line (read more About Us and Why Choose Us). We do this to ensure your Content Management System (or CMS) is extremely easy to use. It looks just like your website for familiarity, is very secure and as individual as you and your business. You would be given a username and password to access your Database, and within a few clicks and keyboard presses your site is updated night and day!

Dependant on the Web Design Package you chose or the features your website has, you will be able to perform other tasks on your new website. You will be able to

  • Add additional pages and/or sub-pages.
  • Update any special offers.
  • Update your services.
  • Change your contact details.
  • Edit your products.
  • Process your orders.
  • It will be secure.
  • Plus much more…

To conclude; you will be in full control of all of the content that is contained within your website.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Will Save you Money and Time

The problem: Having to re-employ your website developer every time you wish to make changes to your website. This can be costly and time consuming. After the changes have been specified and sent to your Web Developer, then waiting for them to reply with the quotation. They then need to book the work in if you wish to go ahead. Sending you the changes for your apprvoal, then sending the changes live. Not to mention charging you for the privilege.

The solution? Having your own Content Management System. This completely cuts out this entire process. You will be able to make the changes yourself. Without assistance, at no cost and at your leisure. Adding a Content Management System upon placing your booking for your web design will cost a little more initially, but you will make savings within the first few months, never mind the years that your new site will be live online.

The Difference a Content Management System Makes

Firstly, without a CMS (Content Management System) the website will be the same the day it was published. Content management Systems go hand in hand with a Database Driven Website. Websites that already have a Content Management System; their owners will tell you they would not be without it! To put simply; it puts you in control of your own website. Which is how it should be.

With a content management system, you can make your changes any time you want. Never do you have to rely on your Web Developer to make the changes for you. These changes often incurring additional charges. Dependant on the type of your website it will remove a massive amount of administration time your website could consume.

Finally, it can also add levels of self automation for processing of orders or renewing memberships plus much more.

Are All Content Management Systems Equal

The facts: Database Driven Web Design and Development dominates the web. The Internet would not be what it is today without Databases and content management systems. Every single website should have a Content Management System behind it. Consequently thousands of Off-The-Shelf Packages have appeared. These off-the-shelf systems are, in most cases, not capable of doing the proper job. (Read more about Why Choose Us to design your website). Some, if not most content management systems can be clunky. They can be very difficult to use, you and ask anyone who has tried to use one [WordPress is slightly excluded here]. An off-the-shelf content management system can be full of the features you will never use, but more importantly lack in features you may and will need. They are also often lacking in support should you encounter an issue.

To conclude, the answer is No! They are not equal.

Content Management Systems: Ease of Use

Firstly, our Hand-Written content management systems are so very easy to use. Once logged in, your website will be on screen, but it will look a little different. When editing your website’s home page, you would simply click on the “homepage” link. The screen will show you some text boxes to type in to. These are commonly the page title, the content itself, including text boxes for Meta Tags (for Google) and finally, a Submit Button… It’s as simple as that.

Furthermore, you are able to embed images/videos/links into the content. Including the ability to upload files to link to (like PDF Documents/Brochures) . Tables for layout and formatting can also be added (like in Microsoft Word or Publisher). Additionally, if you have functionality to add Main Pages, simply click the “Add Main Page +” button. If you have functionality to add sub pages, you will see a button saying “Add Sub-Page +”. For editing products or services, you would simply select the product in your content management system (as you would on the front end of the site) and click it to edit it.

Consequently, it couldn’t be simpler or better.

With Nottingham’s Media Design Studio Ltd; supplying hand-coded websites, databases and content management systems from scratch to any specification. Future proofed:  no matter where you business or the web takes you.