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Why Database Driven...

Database Driven Websites gives you the ability to be in control of the content of your website yourself. This means you will not have to rely on a third party website design company to make your amends for you. 

Database driven Websites have their content stored in a MySQL Database and you have access to a
Content Management System or Administration Section. You would simply log in with a Username and Passord. As our Content Management Systems are all hand-coded, it matches your website precisely for familairity and ease of use, in fact; we pride ourselves on how easy our content management systems are to use. 

For some websites (like eCommerce or websites that have user submitted content) a Database Driven Website is a must. 

Our Content management Systems can be added to any website, no matter how large or small. Because our Content Management Systems are hand-coded, you do not have the worry of scalability or security.

Database Driven Vs Static Websites.
Static Websites: The content on Static Website pages stays the same as the date it was published onto the Internet. Static pages have to be manually amended by someone familiar with FTP and HTML, once the pages are changed they need to be re-uploaded. This takes longer - needs a certain level of knowledge and in most cases every change you make will incur a cost from your Website Design Company

Database Driven Websites: Dynamic content is pulled from a database. The page itself stays the same, the content on it however, changes. Differing data can be pulled from your database dependent on the information requested by the site user. Data can be manipulated and filtered and shown in a logical, user friendly format. Database Driven Websites can have a Content Management System meaning the sites owner can log in to the website and make changes to its content with a few keyboard presses and clicks of that mouse.

Some Websites Just Need to be Database Driven.
Some, if not most, websites on the Internet will benefit greatly from being Database Driven, and Database Driven Websites are now the most common type of website. If databases did not exist, then a lot of websites simply would not exit. Almost every single successful online shopping website, reviews website, social networking websites, down to a 4 pager rely on the technology of being able to be Database Driven. To be able to update your website yourself, or the automation of websites and the manipulation of data is vital in many circumstances, imagine Twitter and Facebook having to manually process every single photo upload or wall post, imagine visiting eBay to have all of their 112.3 million listings on one page!, those three websites would not be possible without the beauty of Database Driven Functionality.

Do I need a Database Driven Website.

Our short answer to this will always be: Yes! No matter how small your website. Smaller website owners will still benefit greatly from simply being able to update the content of their website themselves - from simply changing phone numbers, adding or removing special offers, products and services night and day with a few clicks of a mouse and without having to rely on their Web Development Company to make the changes for them. Larger websites or websites that rely on public contribution have to be database driven, and websites that run payment and/or subscription systems where the level of automation is a must as the website can manage itself whilst the money keeps rolling in.

How Do I Use a Content Management System.

You will be given access to a certain part of the site via a username and password, and from there you can make as many changes as you wish. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Hand-Coded Content Management Systems are so very easy to use and they look just like your website for familiarity. As long as you can send an email you will be able to use our Hand-Coded Content Management Systems. You would be able to update all of the content on your homepage, about and contact pages, any frequently asked questions and even your products and services.

All of our websites use the latest in PHP and MySQL programming languages which is the most flexible and capable availble today.