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Why Choose Us?
So, it would seem you need a website for your business, and where better to go than a local Nottingham Website...

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Why Choose Us?...

So, it would seem you need a website for your business, and where better to go than a local Nottingham Website Design Company who know the industry inside out, a website design company who has over 10 years experience in Web Design (this is longer than even Google has been a household name, and when dial-up internet was the norm). The Website Design industry has a reputation for companies starting up and vanishing all of the time, so you can rest assured we are very established, and are one of the longest established Website Design Companies in the UK.

Why Go Hand-Coded
We noticed a gap in the website design market long ago, and that gap was bringing Database Driven Website Design to not only the rich and the famous. We noticed that the only content managed websites (this means where you as the owner of the site can update the website yourself without relying on your Web Developer to make any changes for you) were off-the-shelf systems (See Hand Coded Vs Off-the-Shelf) which not only were insecure, but very limited in terms of functionality, personalisation, security, usability, optimisation [the list goes on], we noticed many businesses were happy with this to start with, but soon realised that the off-the-shelf website could not sustain the needs of the Internet becoming what it is today and could not meet the need of the growing businesses. [we were also surprised at the website design prices some companies were charging to for these systems, when all they had to do what change a few colours and insert a logo], there was a massive gap here, and this is where Nottingham's Media Design Studio Ltd slotted in nicely [even if we do say so ourselves]

We invested time, effort and money into actually learning from the ground up these technologies that make content managed websites a reality, so what does this mean for you? It means a website that is built around you, for you, and about you. Some of the oldest, most successful and famous names on the Internet today (eBay, Facebook, Friends Reunited, Google), no doubt started life using some off-the-shelf programs but their sheer success lies in real Web Development by having everything hand coded. There is no way anything off-the-shelf could have given such success or returns.

Pricing for Hand-Coded Website Design
But surely this sounds expensive I hear you say! well, you'd be surprised. We have undertaken projects from single page website designs, normal ecommerce websites, right up to full internet Website applications like a reviews website, online self managed directories, client databases, online booking for school meals promoting the Governments plan for cashless schools, fully blown e commerce portals where sellers can sell their products, all in the last year, which were all new start ups, who just had "an idea" for a website, and with our knowledge, support and expertise they are all now very successful websites and more importantly, earning the owners a living.

Talking about Website Design Prices, we always recommend doing your research and gaining at least 3-4 quotations from different website design companies. We've had customers ring us, give us their specification for their Website Design Idea and in 60% of cases our quotation has been half of what some website design companies think they can charge (the ones who think they should be on a rocket scientists salary), and sometimes our quotation has been double, because in 100% of those cases they've been quoted for an off-the-shelf system which is destined for failure.

Website Design Checklist
Even if you do not have the funds available at present, or have even already chosen your Web Developer we have compiled a checklist that we hope you will follow to ensure you do not fall victim of some of the stories we hear of when customers have been mislead or even ripped off (why would we do this you may ask, its because we care, there is nothing worse for us than a genuine customer who has tried to put themselves out there, start a business, realise the place to be is on the Internet and have ended up out of pocket or even ripped off). See our Website Design Checklist for more, but the most important questions you should ask are below....

  1. Is your website's design itself going to be unique.
    There is nothing worse than finding a website on Google, only to have seen the website before promoting another company or it glaringly a website created from a template, it makes the business itself look very unprofessional and sloppy, although we are web developers we are also internet users, and would never use a business with such a website. Ask for source files of any coding and design work as once you've settled your balance they are legally your property anyway. Ask to see the Website Design Company's Portfolio so you can see their previous work, it should all be diverse and different in layout, colour scheme, images used and content, and should contain a link back to the Web Developers Website [usually in the footer at the bottom of the page] as proof that its their work.
  2. Will your website be hand coded or off-the-shelf?
    This is majorly important. An off the shelf system will be [mark my words] difficult to use (unless you are an internet pro), it will be limited in features and functionality that you actually need and use, and will be abundant in features you will never use, it will be less secure (allowing for spam and hacking) and you will either gain absolutely nothing from it and give up or have to start again in 6 months time (Hand-Coded Vs Off-The-Shelf) (this happens so often and about 20% of our calls are about this issue, so please don't increase this percentage). Also to mention, some Website Design Companies can charge ridiculous amounts of money for changing a few colours, inserting your logo and pressing a button on a template (we've had customers actually send us their paid invoice to prove what they had paid, as we simply couldn't believe it, we felt so supportive of this customer we actually did their website for free because we just couldn't bear it [they are still on our books to this day]).
  3. Who owns the domain name your website will be hosted on
    Another pointer here [again which we get lots of calls about from frustrated customers] is who actually owns the domain name (the www. bit). When a domain name is registered, it is registered to someone, that someone is responsible for renewing and making any changes to that domain. when it expires this person gets the notification emails and needs to re-register it. we've had lots of customers who have completely lost their domain names because they are no longer in contact with or can't find the person who registered the domain. if the domain is in your name it is easier to reclaim the domain name, if not, its almost impossible.

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