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Database Driven Websites gives you the ability to be in control of the content of your website yourself. This means you will not have to...
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Advice on Page Content...

Having good page content on your website could make the difference between its success or its failure. The majority of Internet Surfers are looking for information, so give them what they want (hence these Website Design Tutorials!) Here's a little advice to help you on your way....

Home Page And Rest Of Your Web Site Every website should include a home page. A web page that serves as an entry point to your site. Your home page is vitally important from your customer's point of view. It will determine whether they feel they should click on to find out more, or click away. Make the title clearly visible. If someone is looking for pine furniture and that is what your site is about, the first word they must see is "Pine Furniture"

Navigation Advice
Be sure to have a site menu or site map. These are links on the page that link all your web pages together, as you can see this site has internal links on every page. If someone visits my site looking for a bit of advice on search engines, they can clearly see the link to jump straight to the "Search Engine Secrets" page, instead of having to trawl through the whole site and masses of information that they are not interested in, just to reach that section of this website.

Choose whether you would like long scrolling pages
Long scrolling web pages for each section? or split the information up in to separate short pages? There are no rules here. The choice is yours. The only advice I can give is to think about whether you want your visitor to be clicking all the time and having to wait for new pages to constantly download for the information. If your website has separate themes, or could get confusing if all the information is placed together, separating it out on to different pages is the best way to make it informative, clear and human-friendly. It will heavily depend on what your site is about. I will help you decide on this matter when your pages are being constructed.

Be sure to have contact information on every page. You never know what bit of information, or which web page will persuade your visitors buy, so it is vital you make it as easy as possible for them click once, and contact you. Include email contacts, a phone number, (for those wishing to speak to an actual human being) and an address. The address will make you look much more professional and gives people the option to write to you if they do not have Internet access at home or a telephone. That way, you are sure to guarantee that anyone who visits your site can somehow get in contact with you.

Faq - Frequently Asked Questions...are the most popular sources of information on the Internet. Including a FAQ page on your website will often eliminate visitors questions and queries before they even arise. It is also a good way to provide even more information about ourselves, and what you have to offer. Collect some questions relating to your trade or type of business, or solicit them from your existing customers, I'm sure they will be willing to help if they know their question will appear on the world Wide Web.

Make sure all the content of every web page is relevant and worth being there. You now have all the information needed to create good, quality content for your website pages. If you wish any further free help or advice on any of the content of these pages, feel free to email or call us on 0115 929 9994.

After all - advice is free. If you have any questions Please visit Website Design - FAQ or our Website Design Jargon Buster may help you. All links can be found to the right of your screen.

Whether it is a business website, or a personal website you are looking for, Media Design Studio, offering free website design advice in Nottingham, can help you.