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Jan - 2011 Offer: FREE Business Hosting and *Domain for the first year wilth all bookings over £260. This offer will automatically be applied...
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Nottinghams Media Design Studio Ltd was formed in 2003 and strives to provide the most cost effective Website Design possible, provide fantastic level of customer...
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We receive a number of enquiries every week where customers have been sold an off-the-shelf package by a website design company and have either run...

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Media Design Studio Ltd: Nottingham Website Design
Unit 6. Broxtowe Park Business Centre.
Calverton Drive.

Call: 0115 929 9994 / 0115 979 5890

Interview About Website Design...

Nottinghams Media Design Studio Ltd was formed in 2003 and strives to provide the most cost effective Website Design possible, provide fantastic level of customer service and aftercare, we have customers on our books who have been with us since Media Design Studio Ltd was formed, and we love new challenges and ensure we are always a step ahead of the rest in terms of capability with constantly changing world of Website Design

An Interview with our Director....

Tell us a bit about you!

"Well, my name is Sharon Attaway, and have an unhealthy obsession with PC's! I was bought my first PC for my 23rd birthday, and after getting home from work everyday and not watching Eastenders for eight months as I couldn't pull myself away from Windows ME, I realised this unhealthy obsession could be my calling. I am only really happy when I'm staring at a PC screen"

What Made you want to start a Website Design Company?
"After a career in the Local Media and gaining valuable and strangely relevant experience in marketing and advertising, I noticed that the Internet was growing in popularity and availability and noticed that larger companies were shifting their advertising and marketing budgets and visions away from paper based media [you only need to see the size of the Yellow Pages these days] on to this new thing called the Internet, so I knew this was where the future was going to be, I just had no idea [along with most people] it was going to be as world changing as it actually is."

What was your main aim or USP?
"I mainly noticed that only the larger companies seemed to be able to afford a successful website to be created and designed, and therein spotted my gap in the market. I initially started out in HTML Website design (as PHP was in its infancy and just becoming mainstream), I soon noticed that there was a demand for this new Web Development language as more and more websites we were designing would have been better suited to have their own Administration section, as they were making changes almost daily and we were struggling keeping up with the workload of new customers and doing amends for our existing clients."

How did you learn it all?

"Hours upon hours of research and burying my head in books [thanks to McDonalds unlimited coffee refills at the time). I set out to learn everything I could so we could provide hand coded website design and development to the masses (we are still learning now, and will never stop), and so we are capable of writing any website that any customer could ask us to created (as long as its possible, we can do it), I supposed you could call it a little OCD"

What makes you different?

"Being female to start with, in a vastly male dominated trade, I am told [constantly], that the feminine touch go a long way in terms of attention to detail and creativity. I love people, and therefore a lot of my customer do genuinely become my friends, I believe good humour goes a very long way, as does honesty, and actually having that passion about what you do for a living is vital when running a successful business "

Where do you see your Website Design Company in the future?

"Pretty much the same in all honesty, if it isn't broke why fix it. I am very proud of my companies achievements, and I do, very regularly, get to speak to a lot of business owners and every single one says my formula is perfect. I have no aspirations to outsource work to India (which is a current trend in the website design world) and do not wish to have teams of salespeople answering the phones for mass production. Our passion is in hand-coded website design which are unique and successful"