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Media Design Studio Ltd is based in Nottingham and has many years of hands-on experience in Website Design and Internet Programming. Established in 2003 (before...
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Nottinghams Media Design Studio Ltd was formed in 2003 and strives to provide the most cost effective Website Design possible, provide fantastic level of customer...
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Search Engine Optimisation...

We offer a Low Cost Website Optimization service where we will take your website and re-design it to make it search engine friendly, which will raise your chances of your website being found when a search is placed. Maybe your website needs a little tweaking to raise your rankings, our Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Company In Nottingham can help you achieve the very best.

Your website will be your businesses window to the whole world and often be the first point of contact for your potential customers. Your whole business will be in front of them on their computer screens. Your website will be making you money and selling your services while you eat, sleep, work, rest and play. No more 9 to 5 trading hours, your business will be earning you money without you even realizing it.

You will simply need to Contact Us ready with your current web address so we can take a look for you and tell you what will be required. There may be a few things you can do yourself to help your website, we have listed a few tips below

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
In this section, we give you a few of the secrets on ways to get your website search engine optimized, begin to get good rankings or at least improve your rankings. If you have a website that does not get good positioning, then it is not search engine optimized.

This Search Engine Optimization Tutorial is filled with some very useful information about optimizing your website. For a business user, search engine optimization it is a very vital aspect for you and your website.

Before we start, I will state that Google is by far our favorite, so we will be using Google in all of our examples of optimization on this tutorial. The search engine optimizational aspect of your website will dramatically effect its presence and relevance on search engines, it will effect your positioning and rankings. There are many technical aspects Google and other engines looks for in a website.The Good Website Guide is also very relevant to this tutorial on search engine optimization, we also cover meta tags, keywords and key phrases to help you on your way. We have also added a page containing links to submit your website to all the major search engines.

If your website is not optimized you will appear "nowhere" your rankings will be low, and your positioning-nowhere to be seen. This search engine optimization tutorial should help you. We do offer an optimizational service to improve your rankings and positioning by improving your website using meta tags, "keywords" and "key phrases". Though just improving the keywords in your "meta tags" will not get you higher rankings. Though your meta tags are very important to tell them what your site is about, other elements are also important, sometimes more important.

The key is to improve the body copy of your website, to make sure your meta tag keywords and key phrases are mentioned throughout the website in a ratio of between "4%-10%" If the ratio is any higher, sometimes, you can even be accused of keyword spamming and it will reduce your rankings or not appear at all. It is also important where your keywords and key phrases appear on your site, in what context they are used, and even in which order and if you use plurals.

Be careful not spam (over-doing your keywords) The search engines are getting better and better at spotting meta tags, keywords and phrases that do not make sense, where words have been stuffed into the body copy of the site, because the webmaster thinks it will help its positioning - unfortunately, they are wrong. They are also getting better at spotting hidden keywords (i.e. words that are the same Colours as the background) this is also keyword spamming and you could even be struck off their database for doing so.

Search Engine Optimization is a technical process done correctly can improve your rankings, done incorrectly can result in being struck off them. It is a very technical process where the website needs to be stripped to its bare bones and re-jiggled to make it follow what search engines will be looking for. All websites are different, therefore every optimizational technique will be different. It is very rare two websites will be the same, as each site wants to convey a different message.

All of the websites we design are optimized mainly for Google, Yahoo and Bing as these are by far the most popular used today, they are the ones who produce the most relevant results in seconds and are the easiest to use, and that is what they are all about. Most of our websites are created and tweaked using plain .phpl as that is where the designer has most control.

Our websites are preferred by many search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Flashy images and jazzy moving words do not do you any favors at all. We do not try to impress our customers with flash images to prove to you what we are capable of, after all I am sure you would be much more impressed by having a successful website that has been designed with you in mind, that has gone through the optimizational process, that you are actually gaining "hits" to and begins to make you money.

By following the information given free on this Tutorial you WILL begin to improve your rankings. Do Not expect amazing results over night, search engine optimization can take months, or even years. If you do not have the time to optimize your website yourself then contact us. We cannot guarantee we will take on your project, but we will be willing to have a look and give you free advice on ways to improve your rankings. Contact us with your url and we will take a look for you